According to Reader’s Digest, the average man spends 4 months (or 3,000 hours!) of his life in the bathroom reading. But compared to the 1.5 years (14,000 hours) the average woman spends in the bathroom, that seems like small potatoes. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, chances are you spend more time in your bathroom than you realize. Why not make those hours more enjoyable by freshening up your current bathroom?

If you think it’s time to freshen your bathroom, we can help. Check out three of our favorite remodeling ideas to upgrade any bathroom.

  1. Install a Walk-In Shower
    Walk-in showers are an elegant, easy-to-clean way to reclaim space in your bathroom. Whether you prefer morning or evening showers, this bathroom upgrade is sure to make your daily shower more luxurious. The absence of tub walls will also create the illusion of space and make your bathroom feel larger. This single bathroom design can transform the entire feeling of your bathroom.
  2. Upgrade to a New Sink with More Counter Space
    Installing a new sink with additional counter space can make getting ready in the morning a much more enjoyable experience. Whether you are fighting with your partner over space or just never seem to have enough, remodeling your bathroom to make sure you have enough space to lay out all you need can help your day start off as a simple, stress-free experience instead of a game of bathroom counter Tetris.
  3. Optimize Your Cabinet Space for Additional Storage
    Much like countertop space, it makes a big difference for everything to have a place in your bathroom. Freshen up your bathroom by reclaiming unused space and transforming it to useful cabinetry and storage spaces for everything you need. We find that when our cabinets aer organized, our brains feel more organized!

Looking for even more bathroom ideas? Last month we shared three bathroom trends to consider.

Of course, the most important part of any bathroom remodel is choosing a remodeler that you can trust to communicate accurately and implement your vision in a timely manner. If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, we would love to be the remodeling team that provides you with a wonderful bathroom remodeling experience from start to finish. If you’re ready to take the first step in remodeling your bathroom, contact us today to start the process of making your dream bathroom a reality.