Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a successful home remodeling project doesn’t happen overnight. It requires thought, planning, and preparation. This can feel overwhelming at first, but doing your homework now means that you’ll be better prepared when the hammers and saws actually come out. One important piece of the planning process is determining your remodeling budget. When you work with Ridgewood Home Construction, our team makes sure that your project has a clear budget and that you won’t come across any surprise expenses along the way.

Before the hammer ever swings, we work with you to clearly define the selections for your project and the exact scope of work so that the number in your contract is the exact cost of the project—not an estimate subject to change.

If you’re in the early stages of thinking through a remodeling project, make a list of everything you’d like to change in your bathroom, kitchen, or whatever it is you are remodeling. Include everything you can think of, from flooring materials to wall hangings. Once you have your remodeling list, go through it and highlight whatever is most important to you.

When you meet with a home remodeler to get a concrete estimate, bring your list and your predetermined budget. They will be able to tell you exactly what items your budget will cover, and they can also suggest alternative ideas to lower the cost in some areas so that you can fit more items into your budget. For example, if you love the look of a certain wood floor, an experienced construction team can suggest a high-quality laminate flooring to give you the look you want at a price you love.

Home remodeling teams can also weigh in on how to prioritize remodeling projects, and they should work with you to establish a realistic timeline for your kitchen remodel or home renovation. Finally, they can walk you through aspects of a bathroom redo that you might not have considered and tell you the average home remodel cost in your area.

If you live in the Grand Rapids area and have a remodeling project in mind, contact us today! We’d love to walk you through our process or answer any questions you might have about budget, timeline, or how you want to transform your home!